customer experience

Comfort & Convenience

An outstanding customer experience from start to finish is the high bar we set.  Fly in safety, comfort and style – at your convenience.  Avoid long lines or parking hassles while enjoying a modern fleet with access to the nation’s most important business and leisure private airports. 

For businesses, we understand that flying private is a necessity when you need flexibility, efficiency and privacy, and to move with urgency.  We provide transparency on pricing and aircraft availability, with no unwanted surprises.

Network Access

From coast to coast, Chairman flies to the private aviation airports in the most heavily traveled business and leisure travel markets. With our home base at Dallas Love Field, Chairman is strategically located in the mid-central region of the country, with the ability to fly to either coast, and many points in between.

Whether you are attending a board meeting in New York, fishing in South Florida or heading west to Silicon Valley, we will get you there safely and comfortably.

Pricing Transparency

At Chairman, we believe you should know how much the flight service is expected to cost, and you should expect to pay that amount.

We believe our clients should be aware of all fees and commissions.

By disclosing our compensation structure up front our client can be assured we are looking out for their best interests while providing an outstanding travel experience.

Pay the price you expected, get the flight you expected, at the time you expected it, and enjoy the experience you expected. We don’t believe you should have to settle for anything less.



I had the pleasure of working with him (Howard) when helping a friend buy a PA28 he was selling a few months ago. He was a true professional and made the entire transaction extremely painless.

I really appreciated his honesty - there were absolutely no surprises, which is saying something when buying a used airplane. Additionally, he is a very nice person with a wealth of aviation and business knowledge. Highly recommended.

Justin A.


I have utilized the professional expertise of Howard OShell/Chairman Airmotive, LLC to accomplish several different objectives:  Hone my pilot skills and achieve different ratings, manage my aviation assets and several aircraft transactions.  If you are looking for integrity, technical expertise and service I can unequivocally recommend Howard and his team.  

My last two aircraft purchases went off without hassle and most importantly, there were no surprises - mechanical or otherwise - during or after the sale.  Howard manages the process and the history/maintenance review of the aircraft with ease.  


Fortune 50 Director

Fortune 100 Lead Director

Former Fortune 100 CEO, CFO

I recently completed an King Air F90 acquisition for a client of mine and we worked with Howard O'Shell of Chairman Airmotive (BeechTalk member and vendor) for the initial in-person viewing as well as both the pre-purchase test flight as well as the post-inspection acceptance flight.

Howard was professional, thoughtful, and incredibly easy to work with. Howard's capabilities far exceeded what we needed him for on this particular deal but he was happy to help us on the few areas where we needed his expertise and experience (and did so at a fair price and within our time constraints). His communication level was outstanding and he was always easy to reach by phone, text, and email (which is something I highly value in a transaction). He interfaced with both the seller's representative as well as our pre-purchase maintenance facility in a highly professional manner as well.

It is for all of these reasons that I highly recommend Howard for any King Air acquisition needs and I look forward to working with him in the future on other King Air deals.

-Neal S.
Latitude Aviation