Federal Aviation Administration

Chairman Airmotive II, LLC is Certificated as an On-Demand Air Carrier by the Federal Aviation Administration.   

Our Certificate # is 674A375O.  

Certified Wyvern Wingman Operator

Chairman Airmotive II, LLC applied for and met the requirements to become a Certified Wyvern Wingman Operator.

Wyvern Consulting was the first aircraft safety auditing firm in the country.  In providing services to operators in the U.S. and some parts of Europe, the company offers different levels of audits that comply with industry standards.   The highest level is the "Wingman."

Only a fraction of operators meet this level. Operators at this level adhere to specific processes and parameters that reflect the latest safety best practices.  In May 2015, only about 100 operators worldwide were members of the Wingman program.

Chairman clients demand a level of safety which is second-to-none.  By participating in the Wingman program it is our demonstration to the industry and our clients a commitment to exceed the basic standards set by the FAA.


Experience & Training

In addition to Wyvern’s Wingman distinction, Chairman is proud of the tremendous training and experience of its team members. The team has decades of experience at one of the leading commercial airlines, in the military as a pilot and/or instructor, and in the field of private aviation. As part of its operation, Chairman invests tens of thousands of dollars to provide pilots and co-pilots with dozens of additional flight training hours each year.

“Everyone involved with our organization must possess a passion for what they do.  They must have integrity, smarts and capability. Emphasis on integrity, which is the most important of them all. Once we find quality folks we endeavor to help them realize their full potential.  This is why, I believe, you will find our staff happy to serve. It’s also why we do not experience a high turnover among our ranks.” 

Howard OShell 

President, Chairman Aviation

About your flight crew

All Chairman Airmotive II, LLC pilots are certified by the FAA and maintain current FAA medical certificates.  

Each pilot in our Learjet undergoes Initial Ground and Flight Training at CAE Simuflite in Dallas.  Then, they must complete a simulator proficiency check every six months.   Recurrent training is always on-going. 

Howie OShell maintains "Pro-Cards" from Simu-Flite and has over 17,000 safe hours in the air.  He is Typed Rated in multiple jet aircraft.  

Each King Air pilot completes the same training schedule in our B-200.   Chairman owns and operates its own Frasca, King Air B-200 simulator with full visual.